About Us

Our History
Founded in 1994 by the late Ahmad Barrak Shakaa, a Jordanian business man from the city of Nablus with a passion for the traditional flavours and quality food.

Since 1994, AlMazraa has been a leader in creating the finest artisan cheese in Jordan. starting with our selected and fresh ingredients. White cheese is one of the basic breakfast foods you will find in every Jordanian and Arabic household and this is why we are committed to creating products without using any additives and preservatives, only healthy fresh Cheese guaranteed to satisfy.


The success of AlMazraa lies in the personal attention each day's production is given. Quality starts with good real ingredients. having and constantly being on the search for the best possible natural raw material and only fresh milk from local Dairy farms, we insure the production of the best white cheese ever!

We are committed to being environmentally conscious and we are taking the steps to a better production with less waste, more recycling, water and electricity saving and furthering the sustainability of all our operations.

The reason behind our success

The Great Taste of Nature! It’s the taste we are almost lacking these days, the taste of nature without artificial additives and modifications.

Here at The Farm Dairy Company; we guarantee fresh, delicious and healthy products, for you and your family, where everyone can enjoy the taste of quality and nature in Labaneh, a wide variety of White Cheeses, Yoghurt, Shaneenah and much more, made from fresh milk which arrives from local farms daily.