Mazraa Production


production and quality at ALMAZRAA

We think that raising the bar begins with demanding the best quality — in our practices, starting with the choice of milk and farms, the treatment of animals and the quality of our products. Integrity is at the heart of everything we do. So much so that we created our own measurements to insure the quality of our products meet the highest and most strict of standards, exceeding that of which is expected and standardized.

We closely monitor bacterial count, coliform count, and somatic cell count. we follow a strict measure to insure the quality of milk is up to standards. In our own quality assurance laboratories we check the numbers and bacterial counts to insure that the cows are healthy and free from infection, the udders were properly cleaned before milking, and the milking equipment has being properly cleaned.

We have a team of conscientious and dedicated employees that carry out and follow through to insure that the products we create are always up to the best standards,. This keeps our cheese and products free from contamination, adheres to the industry’s best food safety practices, and ensures we deliver a clean safe product to our customers—all of the time and every time.