News & Activities

New & Comprehensive Plan

In 2012 we have prepared a studied and detailed project for a full upgrade plan for our business which was awarded a grant by JEDCO (Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation) in cooperation with the European Union. The project was implemented over a period of 18 months, the scope of the project involved installing new production lines, upgrading existing production ..

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Our Social Responsibility

We believe at the Farm Dairy Company, in giving back to our community, and because we are a part of that community, the prosperity of each individual is prosperity to our being as well. We thrive to help train young talents and graduates, to develop their skills and help them plan their career paths, though different kinds of programs. The Farm Dairy seeks to lea ..

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Interesting Discoveries

The inhabitants of a region in Serbia are known to live long and healthy lives, studies have shown that a great factor to that was their daily diet; which depends largely on natural yoghurt. Consuming natural yoghurt such as The Farm’s yoghurt will contribute in improved pH levels in the human body resulting in a better health overall.

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